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Debate Performance

I, too, was undecided as to whether I should stay home on election day, write in Ron Paul or vote GJ. If I hadn't already been leaning toward Gary Johnson, his performance in the third party debate earned my vote, and I have a feeling it will earn him many others as well. While I don't think he's as informed or enlightened as Dr. Paul (GJ supporters don't be offended; few people in politics are as well versed in history and economics as Ron Paul), I would argue that he did a better job making the case in a debate than I have seen Dr. Paul do... Perhaps because Paul tries to give too much supporting history and economic theory while Johnson seems to explain his philosophy in a more practical way that the average person can understand. Either way, I am now a Gary Johnson supporter. Thanks to those who have been working so hard to promote his message of liberty!

Unlearning and self-teaching since 2008. Thanks, Dr. Paul!