Comment: Just Power comes from Consent

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Just Power comes from Consent

whether it be a Party Or Government.

By participating in the Republican Party you are giving your Consent to its Top Down Leadership Agenda. Your Consent, which has no limitations in such a Party, gives them the Power to Wage Wars, Ignore Sound Money, Ignore the Bill of Rights, and ignore YOU. All in YOUR Name, with YOUR assumed Permission.

I joined the Libertarian Party to restrict what my Consent can be used for. My Power is closer to home and will be used to further my community's Fiscal and Moral Independence.

Staying with the Republican Party is nothing less than staying with a Spouse who regularly CHEATS on you, CHEATS you out of your Labor, places you in danger, openly puts you down, slanders you, and generally thinks little of YOU.

The Two Party System is a Duopoly whether Libertarians control it or not. Monopolies, Duopolies, and Oligopolies are terrible for Innovation and all but rid themselves of Healthy Competition.

If you want to compete against the Republican Leadership for the direction of YOUR future, YOU CANNOT do it within THEIR Party and THEIR Rules.

You are of course free to continue to try. Do not be upset or confused when you fail. Just quickly seek another means to securing YOUR own futures.