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Must watch

This just took my understanding to a new level. It is something I was just starting to see - Palast really solidified things with some of his anecdotes and insight.

At the debate, Gary Johnson was talking about making Senators wear suits that are like Nascar racers - with all the sponsors' patches so you know who owns them. So the whole thing is up for grabs - every house race; every senate race will be sold to the highest bidder and the biggest schemer. There's the "election" and then there is the selection.

The election is all for show, as we know. In the end, it doesn't matter who wins, as we know. And yet, even within the '1%' or whatever - whoever is at the front lines doing the manipulating - it does matter.

The split between the Establishment Banks vs. the Hedge Fund Cowboys is an interesting distinction. Yes, they're both rich and powerful, but they also both have competing interests, and the stakes are high.

One thing I've been wondering is how long will it take before the banking system, which is getting free money from the Fed, starts to turn it back on the economy. i.e. - says, 'There are no good investment opportunities - let's take this $40 billion from the Fed and short the market.'

Because hedge funds are agnostic as to where the profits come from, as long as they come.

He's the man.