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1.4 million

votes unaccounted for last election. And THAT is according to govt. sources, so who knows how many there actually were? How many of those were RP's? Or Babar's?

This is one of the most profound pieces of information to come from infowars in a while. It's the 800lb gorilla in the room nobody wants to talk about. People are so busy fighting with each other about who to vote for, they don't even realize that their vote may not even be counted in the first place.

I remember having a discussion with you about this becoming another dog and pony show that comes down to a 51 to 49% split, with one state making the difference. Sounds just like Florida in 2000.

Palast has been investigating this since at least 2000, and some of his interviews of local Florida officials are quite telling.

If we unite on anything in the future, it should be trying to somehow restore a tangible and transparent system of voting.

Hope all is well with you.