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Easy to Cheat a Minority

I'm well aware of the voting fraud. These things are bound to happen in any man made system, but its easy to cheat a minority. It is NOT easy to cheat an overwhelming majority. And guess what? We do NOT have an overwhelming majority. First, let's get that majority and then see what happens in the election process. If they manage to rig it then, then I will agree with you, but at that point it won't matter because the next logical step would be civil war. By not voting now, you are quiting way too early. Changing things from the bottom up does not mean abandoning the vote. You have no other mechanism for peaceful reform other than the vote! If you have lost all faith in the voting process, then you better start preparing for war because that's your only other option! Are you doing that? I bet not. As for the poker analogy, its a poor one because I'm not losing a damn thing by taking 10 minutes to vote.