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you are correct but that

you are correct but that argument doesn't work well when your in court or getting arrested.

The argument i have used to wake up some of these anti-marijuana nazi's. Is this simple argument. If farmers were growing legal hemp? Then you would have male pollen going everywhere across this country follow?

This would basically make it virtually impossible to grow outdoors or even indoors unless you bought special pollen filters so they wouldn't pollinate the female cannabis plant.

If this male hemp cannabis pollen, contacts the female cannabis budding plant. You will get basically arkansas ditchweed, basically crap thc% and crap cannabis.

The solution is simple grow hemp and you wouldn't need the dea or all this wasted billons to stop marijuana.

I brought this point up in virginia assembly before i moved to colorado on some anti-marijuana bills they were trying to pass. i testified, everyone one of those bills were shelved that year:) i cannot take any credit , i was just one of many in the general assembly.

bottom line, once the farm hemp pollen contaminates the female marinuana plant. your thc content is pretty much destroyed through genetics. spider mites/mold is the biggest enemy to marijuana.

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