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At some point

At some point the damage is too great to be able to fix. This is where we are now. The American voters can't replace their elected officials fast enough with true Liberty candidates (who want drastically smaller government with no debt) to prevent a collapse. There's not enough candidates, not enough open and contested seats, and not enough awake voters for that. Even if the Repubs claim both the House and Senate in the Election and Romney wins we'll continue to rack up more debt and more money printing which will inevitably lead to a complete financial collapse. They also send more troops overseas, continue crony capitalism, expand government, and infringe on more of our rights.

I will grant you that Ron Paul had by far the greatest chance to improve things as President (that's why I'm writing him in on the ballot in 2 weeks), but he hinted repeatedly that things were going to be painful even under his Presidency. He understands that the coming "correction" is going to be awful and many Americans are going to suffer terribly through it. He wanted to try to temper the pain some by doing things like Ending the Fed, stopping foreign aid, bringing troops home to cut the spending, etc. But there was never any confusion that it was going to be painful nonetheless.

So, no. I have NO hope that 4 years under Romney will produce any better result than 4 more years under Obama. The damage has already been done and it's too great for any President to repair it. It's too great for any group of Congressmen to repair it. The only path to fixing things is to let it run it's course and prepare the best ways we can to get through it and come out on the other side ready to re-build and start again.

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