Comment: Romney is not going to lose, though.

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Romney is not going to lose, though.

Two months ago I would have agreed, he was a sinking ship. However, as of right now, less than 2 weeks out, and from my porch here in Central Ohio, Romney will win Ohio possibly by 4-7 points. So many Democrat crossovers its almost impossible ,in my view, of an Obama victory.

I tried to get the Obama losers at Ohio State to get on with Gary J....but they are vicious. Went to a Romney rally, totally different reception.

Rand-Demint-Lee-Cruz may very well get their budget passed and signed with Romney....hopefully.
2016 is the year of Rand or third party if Romney blows it. I will not forgive or forget in 2016.

Before then, lets get Lindsey Graham kicked out in 2014.

Also, Colin Powell sucks.