Comment: some of you are nuts

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some of you are nuts

first of all a fair tax is NO INCOME TAX - like half of you are arguing about income tax alone not even addressing the concept of the fair tax in the first place. like you want total anarchy, whats the point in a constitution if you want 0 government. argue the fair tax sure, but the FACT is people wnat things like security, i dont really feel like having to all hire mercenaries thank you very much. taxes are in no way against the constitution or wrong to do, anything federal the state has to opt in and/or our but thats the key - its not by force - the fair tax in our era - is the logical next step like it or not - stop taxing production, savings etc etc - no wealth or taxes - tax consumption, and supply us with essential needs that we like government for THATS ITS. restore the republic - now ill watch all the negative nancys jump on me lol :) but for real, you'll never get anywhere advocating 0 government and 0 tax because the majority wont side with you, ever. make the next logical ACCOMPLISHABLE step.