Comment: I think your whole post is a

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I think your whole post is a

I think your whole post is a joke, because you're entirely focused on a worthless diversion- the presidental horse race. I mean, who cares anymore because hope for liberty in the oval office was done as soon as Ron Paul resigned. You should be focused on your local races, and if there's hope for the cause, at the state/congressional level as well.

Many local candidates are getting cooked because the liberty movement is so focused on this single, hopeless race and are not taking the fight local.... such as myself. I spent over $800 of ads on here, hoping to get the support of the Ron Paul base, and haven't gotten one iota because 99% Of people only care about "Romney vs Obama."

I know plenty of other candidates who are fantastic in their viewpoints and candidacies but without the backing of this national and hardcore base, we can't win.

But keep on thinking about Obamney, it will get us far.