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Interesting but hey!

Right now it seems that our emails and data we have saved are not our intellectual property. Yet we pay for the use of the internet already. What happened to the right to privacy in all of our persons, papers, and effects? When I access an old email I get this box that comes up that chides me for having over 5,000 emails. However, that warning is so slow and inefficient, I've usually already retrieved it by then. So who/what is the slow one? Their little cloud box is the goof. I assume that cyberspace is unlimited anyway.
Saw a cspan where it was discussed: the economy is divided up into 18 parts. "We" the so called US govt. have cooperation (file sharing) in about 7 industries. "What we are doing is accumulating knowledge. We're building knowledge".
I'd be really careful sharing my intellectual property with just any of these cloud people, given the predatory nature of the robber barons The business concern discussed may be one of the good guys who won't share.