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stolen or just out right

stolen or just out right wasted with a write-in that will never be counted unless they are in a state that actually counts uncertified write-ins. I expect alot of votes for the lp and gary unless alot of ron paul folks waste their time and write-in ron paul on sims/ps3. which would probably count more then a defaced ballot. These write-in folks are basically gonna deface their own ballot willingly. Then the dnc/gop will just scrap the whole ballot. I wouldn't call that stolen, just stupidity on part of some ron paul republicans who will cancel all their votes local to state because they felt they must write-in a candidate that is no longer running.

These folks writing in ron paul in states that will not count them are wasting everyone's time and money!

1.5 to 2 mil plus votes seems very plausible. Anything over 1.5 mil or higher is a huge building block and win for liberty. I would like to see 2-5 million.

this whole write-in campaign in states that do not even count write-ins is giving/cancelling votes away not stealing them. defacing ballots means the voter threw their votes away. just pointing out that some of this will be self-inflicted.

Ron Paul 2016