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I have not finished reading

but, I have to stop right here and say, Josf, I am not threatening you, or if I said something I did not realize, it was not my intent to threaten you with the Wrath of God. I do not wield the Wrath of God. It belongs to God alone. Josf, I have spent time praying for you this morning before I ever received you reply.

The Wrath of God is something to fear, but it is His alone and anything He executes will be Just and Righteous. He looks upon the heart, not the outward appearance. He also knows our hearts deceive us. He also paid the price to purchase us with His own life. Just like the revolutionaries paid the price to purchase Liberty with their own blood, so He did for us. But it is a Spiritual Liberty so that we no longer have to belong to Satan.

OK, I will finish reading now. I just want you to know, I do not intend ever to threaten you. I was feeling a bit boisterous yesterday, so perhaps I was not careful with my words. I am sorry.