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Yes, everyone vote for Stein so the Green Party can meet the 5% threshold needed to qualify as a major party, and we can all rally behind Judge Napolitano for the Green Party nomination in 2016. Who knows maybe Jesse Ventura or Tom Woods could throw their hat in that ring as well, and we'll advance the message of individual liberty and smaller government by promoting the Green Party platform as the solution. Really, who wants to live in an America where Republicans and Libertarians make up 2/3rds of the electorate, when we can follow Sue's advice and move the country forward toward an America that is 2/3rds progressives and Democrats?

How impressive it will be if everyone supporting Johnson would follow your advise, votes for Stein, and Ron Paul loses to the Greens in a landslide, as well as Gary Johnson. I'm sickened that some of you would prefer Ron Paul and his message get smoked by the progressive platform on election day, if it meant the LP and CP candidates would finish dead last. When you are willing to throw your own sacred libertarian write-in candidate under the bus just to prevent balloted libertarian candidates from doing well, what does that say about you?

The next time you need help registering voters and gathering signatures to put a RepubliCAN on the ballot, or need help phone banking and canvassing, or need to request a Republican campaign donation, you make sure to call on them Greens you're endorsing. I'm sure they'll respond to the call with the same level of support and vigor that you RepubliCANs received from libertarians and constitutionalists in 3 Paul campaigns over the past 5 years.


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