Comment: Why can't we build from the lower working class up?

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Why can't we build from the lower working class up?

That is how the middle class expanded greatly and became so powerful, because of the farsightedness of men like Henry Ford and George Eastman. Those individuals hired lower class workers and paid a good salary for good work, thus greatly expanding the middle class and beginning the economic boom that made America the wealthiest nation on Earth.

Instead everyone argues about giving more money to the elite or the middle class. The lower class, we are told, will simply fritter away the money on such needless items as food, clothing and shelter here in America. Oh, wait, that would benefit the economy much greater than allowing the middle and upper class to invest more money overseas.

At least they are discussing this important issue.

I think we should, if we have to have an income tax, make the first $24,000 tax free ( that is what it costs to run a home and have a vehicle for one person today ) then tax 10% on everything else with no exemptions or exceptions.