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More contradictions


I have been forging ahead in the Speer book about The Pied Pipers of Babylon and the word Equity is now firmly added to the words Nation and Federal as contradictions in need of resolution - in my opinion.

Can I reiterate the base from which I launch my assaults on crime and the falsehoods that cover it up first?

The Power struggle is the struggle between life and the end of all life, go one way and what happens, go the other way and what happens, in time?

One way is the life way.

The other way is the life is no longer existing - way.

Power is required.

Crime consume the power required.

That which is not crime, in accurate measures, makes more power out of less power.

Having that aside, and for the Topic readers in general, and for you in particular, I see a need to return to Equitable Commerce by Josiah Warren, and I do so to explain my focus of attention on the Power Struggle in the sphere of Language, Words, in English, and in our lives, where some people use words to convey accurate meaning, sound currency as it were, and other people counterfeit those words, so as to befuddle those who intend to employ words productively.

Words are a medium of exchange.

Money is a medium of exchange.

Accurate words are sound words, powerful words, because they communicate accurately, the facts, from one person to another person, facilitating that POWER of numbers, as people specialize, divide labor, and make more at the end of the day than they had at the start of the day.

More what?




Which group is defined by their propensity to resort to deceit, threats, and violence?

Hold our breath for confessions?

Why is the word Equity being confused with crime made legal?

Is that a legitimate question?

From my base of operations, my standard of value, I can offer a defense against falsehood, in the effort to save a word from counterfeit, that word being equity, for your consideration:

Merely offered in defense of equity (not the counterfeit version).