Comment: Writing in Ron Paul

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Writing in Ron Paul

I understand your wanting to write in Ron Paul and it is admirable to do so, so do not think I am trying to tell you what to do with your vote, but, after seeing the primary go the way it did, I believe the Republicans will find a way to take write in votes and count them for Romney. I am sure of it. It takes two more steps for a write in vote to be counted and that is two more people with the ability to count it for Romney. If we as Liberty voters, want to make a larger impact on the road to Liberty, I believe we need a vehicle in order to make this impact. The Libertarian Party should be considered for this vehicle as Ron Paul has run on the ticket in the past, and they are closer to Ron Paul's philosophy than any other Party. Solidarity is what we need to further the Liberty movement, and by giving more votes to one vehicle, we will make larger strides as this vehicle will have a chance at automatic ballot access in all 50 states and funding going into future elections. If we continue to splinter our efforts, it can only hurt the Liberty movement going forward. I say, vote Gary Johnson one time, give the Libertarian Party more exposure for the future, and push, not only the Libertarian Party to put up candidates more in line of Ron Paul, but also continue to overtake the Republican Party chair positions at the state level. Think of how future elections will change, if we end up with two vehicles with Liberty minded candidates? My opinion.