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It seems you and I had a conversation about equity being the opposite of iniquity and after I finally did all the research...I agreed with you :)

I wonder if the term equity means something different in law? I finished watching the 2nd Miller video today and one of the things a person is supposed to ask is if this is a court of equity. Do you remember that? It was in the last 40 minutes.

Maybe if one could look up equity in Black's Law Dictionary one could find what they are refering to when using the word equity?
I think there may be a current social use of equity under the term social justice which from what I understand is not a good thing. I may be not connecting dots correctly and I don't have time right now to look into it so I am just tossing it out there. I gotta get dinner now.

I read some pages of the Pied Pipers…. I do like having a new topic of discussion. So it is good with me if it good with you. I will read unless you tell me not to, or unless I cannot.

I would like to discuss reading as it occurs if you do not mind. That way my thoughts are fresh and not overwhelming by the time I finish reading. I understand in doing this I may not be reading in context of the whole work, which could be trouble. But you are further along in the reading than I so you will know if the context is correct.

Here is the first paragraph that gave me pause…yes,, I read the forward and preface today…
From the news release of the Book Review on the 2nd page of the PDF written by B)" Charlie O'Donald: “
“Once again today Americans are the
victims of an attempt to force this
foreign law on them, whether you call it
the law of merchants, maritime law, or
equity-s-slightly different variations
taken by the civil law.”
It seems to me that the word equity is being used in a negative light. I wonder why?
Page x

“During the centuries, these two systems have
had an almost deadly rivalry for the control of
society, the civil law and its fundamental con-
cepts being the instrument through which ambi-
tious men of genius and selfishness have set up
and maintained despotism the common Law, with
its basic principles, being
the instrument
through which men of equal genius, but with love
of mankind burning in their souls, have establi-
shed and preserved liberty and free institu-
tions. The Constitution of the united states
exemplifies the loftiest concepts yet framed of
this exalted concept.”
It seems the constitution is highly regarded as natural law as opposed to civil law.
Page xi begins to explain national vs. federal, but I have not read it yet.
Is this the kind of discussion you wanted to have?