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I agree with your criticisms.

I agree with your criticisms. Gary is at this point still a complete unknown to the general voting public. He faces the same wall of ignorance Ron tried to climb and it took Ron three runs to break into mainstream conversation. Even to Gary's supporters he is not that well known. Gary needs to lay the groundwork to get at least 5-10% voters this election, which can then be built on further for 2016. His main attraction this election is as a protest vote.

I'm thinking he needs to get on a heck of a lot more talk shows to get the word out.

Alternately, a campaign can gain instant notoriety and coverage by being controversial or by making a big splash, like Ross Perot did. Obviously, this "election" is almost over and there is really no time left for subtlety. The American voter is seeing so little choice this time around, it is definitely one of the worst elections I've seen in my lifetime.