Comment: ron paul is not running. Gary

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ron paul is not running. Gary

ron paul is not running. Gary Johnson is far better then the anti-liberty obamney/goode and the rest of the them! Gary Johnson is the best vote , Goode already told me not to vote for him and i will remind everyone in colorado . What goode said. do not vote for me i am not your guy if you want legal marijuana and and end to the police state/drug war that goes along with endorsing this failed policy.

goode demanded we are not his candidate. I agree goode is not the candidate for me! goode threw my vote away and i will reward him and remind everyone in colorado supporting amendment 64 what he said. goode just threw away over 50% of colorado voters. win or lose, marijuana lwas are 100 dollars for 1 ounce possession ,cheaper then a speeding ticket. goode just threw away colorado!

Ron Paul 2016