Comment: Free and Equal is a joke ...

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Free and Equal is a joke ...

I am still disgusted with free and equal dropping the format down to the 2 candidates that got the most clicks on their lame poll. Surprise, this years Libertarian Party guy got the most 8 year olds willing to spend 48 hours logging onto the same poll over and over.
Free and Equal should have let the 4 debate. Hats off to Nader for extending them all an invite. One does not get a lot of outside interest by having a debate between two washed up hippies who spend an hour agreeing with each other that the most important issue we need to address today is the legalization of pot.
By the way I just voted absentee for Johnson. Personally, I would rather have voted for Goode but he wasn't able to jump the hoops to get ballot access in my state. I doubt absentee ballots are even counted but I am certain that absentee write ins aren't.
Again a big hat tip to Ralph Nader for staying real.