Comment: How will this affect the monopoly of the "2-party" system?

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How will this affect the monopoly of the "2-party" system?

What affect will this have on ballot access for the non-establishment candidate that would bring some competition to the corrupt duopoly? Will any law or regulation be impacted in such a way as to aid any future candidates - other than those candidates chosen by the establishment? Will it alter any aspect of the presidential election in 2016? Will a deluge of publicity result, suddenly bringing Paul's name to the forefront - making those who've never heard of him demand changes to election laws they remain unaware of? Will it in any way restrain the actions of the next administration the way a fear of actual competition could? Or will we be the only ones bothering to seek out what kind of totals Paul receives and discussing it at all?

I agree that Dr Paul is the best, but he's always maintained that it wasn't about him, it's about maximizing liberty. What legal impact can this write-in campaign have on bringing about the competition necessary to end the monopoly of the corrupt "2 party" system - thus taking a critical first step step towards restoring lost liberties?

Ron Paul won't tell you how to vote so I certainly won't, but my sense is that voting Libertarian would address these concerns if a 5+% total is reached, while write-in votes simply cannot - regardless of totals. Please do not take my doubts personally, but do consider the points I've expressed.