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Comment: C'mon

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I used to be a skeptic of the 911 Inside job stuff, and for the longest time I was just ignorant to the "conspiracy theorists" case. I finally made myself watch one of the earlier original versions of "loose change", there were parts I thought they could've done with out (kind of came of as fringe to me) such as the whole theory of where, and when planes landed and ect.... But what got me was, I never knew about Building 7, when you see that I don't see how you could dismiss the "demolition part"? also the pentagon is very fishy and it does'nt really take much thought to be like "WTF?" regardless of it being a plane or not hitting the pentagon, the fact that the only release of video was of crappy footage from a camerea that supposedly takes 4 frames per second. Americas center of military planning and they don't have better, or more camera's to surveilance it? ok

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