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Good Luck

getting a Constitutionally Correct Judge on the Supreme Court! We have seen how well that works out. I cannot go with casually on this issue. Let us casually grant the right to murder and hope someone else on a court will take the high road and remove the casualty from murder of the innocent? When Gary Johnson becomes intent on the life of the unborn, I will take notice.

Can you tell me what viability is? The child in the garbage can in Ron Paul's video was viable? It was crying and breathing. If I remember correctly what I read on viability it means that the child can survive outside the womb even with medical support. 28 weeks is viable?

Have you seen a 7 month old fetus?

Who really knows what week conception takes place?

Legalize, they are talking about whether 2 year olds are persons. What is the difference between children on a playground hit by a drone and a 2 years old on a playground hit by a drone. What about babies taken out of incubators and tossed on the floor?

Why is it different if a woman decides to toss a baby in a garbage can? I say it is only because it is hidden from sight. What if we saw pictures of bloody babies piled high to heaven? For me, that is not a casual subject.