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My Take on WAC

Most all of them got there worlds flipped due to the revelation that 9-11 was bogus. Think about it, you are living your life in the land of the free, home of the brave, and then one day the truth of that day makes you realize that nothing is as it seems.

I figured things out through the FED, so my process was a little slower, you learn a little more, loose a little faith, figure a little more out, loose some more faith. The FED is more complicated to understand, but 9-11... it can hit you swift and hard. and it's violent.

The bulk of WAC are young and this shock will make you feel like going and screaming at someone. I mean WTF, a bunch of kids figured it out and now realize they are living in a bizzaro world where everyone is brainwashed by propaganda and treats them like whacko's for questioning things and striving for the truth. I feel they had every right to scream.

As they matured they have worked hard on being more effective, the have put much time and thought into this. Much of it has been trial and error, but they take it seriously.

WAC is legit. They are probably the most legit group out there. I trust them more than I trust C4L, that is for sure.

You may disagree with some of the things they believe, but if you go hang out with them you may realize you agree exactly with how they want to live - in peace. They are starting local currencies, they are starting community gardens, they are building networks of freedom lovers and are always always always working on spreading the message.