Comment: can someone post facts?

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can someone post facts?

I feel like this thread and the Robert Kyosaki threads could go hand in hand... I didn't learn a fact from reading the comments, or watching 20 min of the video, just like I haven't learned a thing from 10+ years of reading Kyosaki's financial comments...

Could someone post 3 bulletpoints that summarize her points...

Also, post her comments on:
-The war games going on during the event
-The exporting of demolition matter which blocked investigation... which means the denial of subsequent investigation overseas was approved
-Building 7
-Her refutation of the original builders comments regarding the collapse
-Her comments on the eye witness comments on lava days and weeks after
-The fact not 1 building has collapsed and / or disintregated due to fire in the history of the world, and 3 did

I'm open to knowing why the above happened if you have an answer. Non-answers shouldn't be promoted however.

I think the architects seeking the truth number in the hundreds, so I don't see the point in consider 1 individual here. I don't even know if she's qualified to discuss the topic, so if you bought her story you might explain why she is over hundreds of architects.