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No one is perfect

I have to hear exactly what his stance is on this issue. Though I do not totally support this stance and cannot stand the stench of the stuff when I smell it somewhere. I do like the smell of cigars and cigarattes better even though I do not smoke.

RP does not want to legalize it is up to the States in his opinion.

I can understand why Goode wants to skip the MJ issue.

The only thing GJ seems to be most good at is the MJ issue but this in itself is not going to save the country imo.

Some people think that this issue is the most determining factor of the country's downfall, I beg to differ.

If people are really that 'desperate' for the MJ they can go to a country that legalizes it. I think the more other countries legalize it, then it will put more emphasis on the discussion domestically. At the very least medical exemptions should be permitted if they are helping the sufferer.