Comment: Just to add that I do believe real conspiracies are going on...

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Just to add that I do believe real conspiracies are going on...

Again, im just simply skeptical about 911 being done by controlled demolition, but its just my opinion and I am open to having a fair open minded debate while assuring the people with opposing views that I am opened to being convinced, but just know that Ive heard what I think just may be about everything on the matter...

Having said that, ill tell you what I am convinced about: I am convinced that pretty much all the foreign conflicts weve been in that I can think of (perhaps there are a few outliers, who knows) in modern times was based on lies and are basically put forth by sociopathic leaders of ours serving only the special interests.

I do know that the media is the most corrupt institution there is and they are just as at fault of our country losing its freedom and greatness as the politicians themselves.

I do know that the Fed is biggest cartel in the known world and that they are mother of the corruption in this country

I do know that our elections are bought and paid for by politicians only seeking power, like Romney and Obama and that they purposely shut out competition like any big banking instituion.

I do know that the Israel Lobby has more power in our country than the voters and whats sad is that Israel has more political parties than we have ever had in our history.

I do know that the fraud of our two party system is no different than the one party Communist party of China (you know they do have elections in china too, but they must be apart of the one communist party.)

These are just a few conspiracies that are out in the open and we must fight every breath of our lives to stop this evil in our country and a by product of these changes would stop things like 911 being an inside job or any other false flag attack.

Lastly, I do know that our establishment purposely frauded Ron Paul of the presidency.

Ron Paul 2012