Comment: FT Would Be Good for Liberty

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FT Would Be Good for Liberty

Sorry if my explanation was not effective.

If you re-read the original blog post, you will see that Fair Tax would cause a major public outcry against government tyranny, thereby giving us larger numbers of participants in the liberty movement.

This would occur after the public enjoys the peace of no IRS for several years. Then the IRS would be automatically re-instated unless America passed a constitutional amendment to reverse the sixteenth amendment. This is outlined in HR 25.

The outcry would also occur because each time a person would buy a piece of candy, a loaf of bread, a car, or a home, they would see the Fair Tax itemized. At some point, they would begin to listen to candidates who had real solutions to reducing the budget.

It would also be good for liberty because it would reduce the tax burden on liberty seekers because 100% would pay taxes instead of the current 47%.

Gene Louis
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