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Anyone who is aware of Which

Anyone who is aware of Which Path to Persia know there will eventually be a war with Iran. General Wesley Clark once said that the U.S. planned to take out seven countries in five years. He was right about the plan but his timing was off. It will happen because what Henry Kissinger said is true. " America buys war like children gobble candy." The majority bought both the lies leading to the war in Iraq and the (Highway of Death Massacre) The Kuwaiti Ambassadors daughter who was trained by Hills & Knowton tell a lie about Iraqi Revolutionary Guard soldiers placing babies, taken from incubators and left them on the ground to die. Thousand of innocent men, women and children died as a result.The Highway of Death was a true Massacre by the U.S. military. google land destroyer/Highway of Death. Millions who backed this massacre are just as guilty as those in the military who carried it out. 1.4,000,000 dead men, women and children in never was about weapons of mass destruction. Those who called for the war in the White House finally admitted. Is the case for taking out Iran about a nuclear bomb or it is the final piece of the puzzle as laid out in The Saban Center for Middle East Policy at The Brookings Institution. 2009, 170 page report.

Bob Marshall