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There are several problem with this individual and the way he passes out the message, But I will not talk about them.

1 - Trying to get the 5% seems just like trying to boost a PARTY. Getting lots of money doesn't do anything, in fact, it's hypocritical for this party to strive for that when they're suppose to be Fiscal Conservatives. Trying to advance this party is just advancing the party, the corporations/real power holders can still buy the individuals that are in it! Look at what the Republican Party has became! Advancing a party won't do anything, but watching out for the individuals who are in it will ensure that it doesn't stray.

2 - There are many who will just vote for Republican regardless of whatever. For this reason also, advancing a third party is meaningless. Ron Paul's "becoming the tent" sound much more logical to me. As what we need is to change peoples' minds... If we do that, it won't matter what party they're in!

Those are 2 points I wanted to bring up, I hope you understood them. I especially don't think the Libertarian idea would work as it's basically been used by Past Republicans to advance themselves, Bob Barr and Gary Johnson.

Ron Paul realized to make any difference, it wasn't going to be in a party or advancing it.

I am beginning to question Gary Johnson now too... but that's not what this is all about

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.