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Comment: just wondering

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just wondering

How much of a % increase is it to go from allowing the torpedoing of 2 civilian cruise ships where hundreds died to justify going into a war where millions died... multiple that by whatever % you think govt has grown since 1916, and how far do you think they 'could' go with an event?

State power would have to have increased maybe 1% per year to even consider the question above?

I think you'd agree it's increased.

So, maybe it's worth keeping an eye on state power given what we know, and asking for answers for our questions...

BTW - I don't agree that the FED is the biggest cartel... there are small banks they all to operate; unlike what the govt has allowed to happen to several industires including auto, insurance, etc... I read a story the other day that 80 years ago there were closer to 100 domesitc auto companies... now there are 3. There at least are other banking alternatives.