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bear, I do not speak for

bear, I do not speak for Legalizeliberty but I am also in favor of the right of a pregnant woman to choose whether to continue her pregnancy or not.

I do share the belief of religious people that life of an individual does begin at the moment of conception but at that stage it is a potential human being not an actual human being. It is a microscopic egg which does contain the blueprint in the form of chromosomes from the mother and father, but it is in the earliest of the embryonic phase, still a single cell. Even after it has divided and divided again in the first trimester it still remains an embryo which has the potential to become a human being but it is not yet a human being.

The question then is what is the defining characteristic of a human being. The answer which makes sense to me is a living organism which possesses a volitional, conceptual consciousness. It is arguable that even a newborn baby does not yet possess that!

A potential something is not yet that something. An acorn is a potential oak tree not an actual oak tree.

What a person , a pregnant woman who is certainly a human being with a right to her life and to her freedom of action and her pursuit of happiness, has the right to make the decision. Otherwise she is not free.

None of us has the right to make the decision for her. It is not our business. Keep in mind that in the embryonic stage of life it is a potential human being not an actual human being.

her choice not ours to make.

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.