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Typically, a person doesn't

Typically, a person doesn't buy 20 cars a day, but might easily eat 20 or more different ingredients in each day's food. Even if busy mothers take a laptop to the grocery store and attempt to check out each ingredient in each and every can, package, etc., they would not have enough information to research every one. Also, at the same time she is shopping and researching each ingredient, she is making sure her 2 yr old doesn't break anything, and is trying to get it all done before the ice cream melts. Monsanto pretty much has us over a barrel - we must eat their gmo food whether we like it or not. Unless we are one of the few aware like myself. Usually, I do not eat ANY processed food. Nearly all my food is purchased at the farmers market. I buy mostly from organic farmers. I do not buy corn or soybeans because all corn and soybeans in American are now GMO. The tainted corn and soybeans have now cross-pollinated with the unadulterated organic corn/soybeans. One day (if things don't change) I too will be eating GMOs because there will be no food left untainted. You might have guessed, I'm in favor of requiring the labeling of GMO foods. Recent studies show GMO foods can cause severe liver damage and early aging, etc. There is a lot of information available regarding damage caused by GMO foods.