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Comment: A POTENTIAL human being

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A POTENTIAL human being

sis a slippery slope and you have just made a case for killing a new born which is no longer within the body of a woman because it may not be human. That is exactly where disregard for human life leads…how about a euthanasia roller coaster for the handicapped, because that is the next progression…who is to say you and I have personhood? How about this: the religious have not progressed to an advanced stage to no longer believe in God so now only you are a rational person, and I am not. Or how about only those who obtain a certain educational level are persons? Do you have a doctorate? Or how about only those with a certain IQ are actually persons? Would you like to compare yours to mine? Who gets to decide what a person is? Can the definition change?

Your words..."The question then is what is the defining characteristic of a human being. The answer which makes sense to me is a living organism which possesses a volitional, conceptual consciousness. It is arguable that even a newborn baby does not yet possess that!"

...Disgust me; I question your sense of humanity.

Does one have to be humane to truly be human? Am I more human than you because I have compassion and consideration for the unborn as well as the born?