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The quote from galtgulch: "The question then is what is the defining characteristic of a human being. The answer which makes sense to me is a living organism which possesses a volitional, conceptual consciousness. It is arguable that even a newborn baby does not yet possess that!"

To which you reply: "Thank you so much for your informative comment.

As GJ says:

Live Free!"

says everything I have already said about the life issue. And that is exactly why I will not vote for a candidate that does not support the unborn because the day is coming when viability will be changed to a newborn and you find that informative? Not once did you say thank you to me for the informative information I supplied defending the born and unborn. You care about peace? Is your peace represented by dead bloody bodies piled high to heaven regardless of age, gender, or race. If you do not stand for the unborn your pile of bloody bodies will continue to grow. Peace starts with the unborn because someone can argue that a person is nothing but bugsplat. After all, that is exactly what galtgulch just did...except the child in the illustration given by galtgulch did not even qualify as a bug, but only an acorn...