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Comment: PLEASE ADD Rhode Island

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PLEASE ADD Rhode Island

We are small This is the OFFICIAL RHODE ISLAND DELEGATION PHOTO from the RNC taken by RNC photographer.


see if everyone who can write in goes and votes for Gary Johnson all the GOP has to do is say, " I knew it! Look all those Ron Paul people weren't Republicans after all! They were all infiltrators so good riddance. Go to your little Libertarian Party Headquarters and help Gary Johnson get out of campaign debt. Don't let the door hit you on the ass."

Now if you live in a state that counts a Ron Paul write in (or even if they don't) and using your best penmanship write-in RON PAUL the GOP is going to have to say, "uuuuhhhh I guess we just lost a bunch of really motivated people. Ouch...that hurts sorta like a door when it hits your ass by mistake." And see - see that?! In the write in states it really does make a difference! The GOP will see it and take notes. I promise you that.