Comment: I love Roger Stone

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I love Roger Stone

But I can understand why the Republican faithful up in here don't like him.

The best O.R guys in politics are always the most hated guys in politics. It comes with the job.

Above my workbench hangs the Roger Stone quote; "Hit it from every angle. Open multiple fronts on your enemy. He must be confused, and feel besieged on every side". Above my desk hangs another; "Praise 'em before you hit 'em".

Stoney should come hang out with me for a week or so. He could learn a thing or two about hit man politics. lol.

And yes Bill, the LP needs more political hitmen. And the term has nothing to do with the mafia and you know it. I have a lot of respect for you Bill, but, for those who know there is a difference between a "political hitman" and a "mafia assassin", that comment did not do justice to your character. Aside from that, the rest of the video was brilliantly amusing.