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written Michael, so much so, that I had to just sit and pause and think about the stark reality of what your essay conveys. It is easy to let yourself be crushed under the enormous weight of the corruption and tyranny that has engulfed this once great nation. The urge to just surrender and join the oblivous throngs of distracted, disaffected and ignorant masses is always there, but right there beside it is the simple truth that once the door is opened, it is not easily closed...there really is no going back. So, like you said, we have no choice but to carry on.

What is the solution to this stark reality that our voting system is really no longer ours, but just another tool of the elite to ensure that their insidious plans play out against us all as planned? I wish I knew...but I do know it starts with doing exactly what Bev Harris has done. If enough of us keep sounding the alarm as loudly as we can, maybe we can finally awaken enough people out of their deep slumber to the fact that the enemy is inside the gate and it is going take all of us working together to bring him down this time.