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In The Land of the Blind

A one eyed man is king. How do you feel you get away with grading on a curve? Yeah, Rand's voting record has been better that most of the dinosaur republicans. But that will continue to decay, and quickly.

I saw nothing on the videos that looked like harassment.

Rand, who is now in the club, suddenly feels like he is above having to defend his endorsement of the pig Mitt Romney. I applaud both Luke and Abby. He didn't only avoid the tough questions, he retaliated with threats and harassment of his own.

Politicians don't know how to deal with these tough questions because they have only softballs from the majority of the press who want access and don't want to piss them off. I say make 'em damn mad if need be.

My only conclusion is Rand must be adopted. He got none of Ron Paul's DNA.