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Vote yes

Take the bill to audit the Federal Reserve.
If you want to be a purest, why should we intervene with the Fed ???
They are private but prosper with the sanction of our government and
are robbing this country blind and we want to stop it. So we want to audit the fed with the ultimate goal of ending it.

Monsanto has the sanction of our government.
Like the Fed most people don't even realize the dangers of GMO's
and the damage they have done.
And like Ron Paul's run for president the game is rigged.
The media are bought and paid for, many appointees in the government
when it comes to the FDA have ties to Monsanto. Obama just appointed
the head of the FDA and he was a lobbyist for Monsanto.

I'm in Nebraska and over 80% of our crops grown in Nebraska are GMO's. It has not been by choice....all it took was to get enough farmers on board with the promises of less work and more yields.
The GMO crops then cross bred with regular crops and contaminated the

Here is where it gets evil...Monsanto actually flew over fields and sprayed Round Up and if the area they sprayed did not die they knew it was their round up ready technology in use, they then proceeded to sue the farmer and in all the cases I know about the farmer ended up losing their farm for growing Monsanto patented plants. All the while the farmer was growing what they thought was their own hybrid but because a neighboring farmer was growing round up ready and it cross bred with theirs they unknowingly where growing round up ready. Crazy as it seems you would think the farmer or Monsanto that contaminated his crops would have been at fault but that is not what happened.
So there you are, Joe Blow have a choice
you can grow round up ready or you can lose your farm that has
been in the family for 100 plus years.

Now all the corn, soybean seed companies in this country unless they are organic are paying royalties to Monsanto for this technology. They have no choice, no farmers could safely grow their seed if not.
There are organic crops grown but I can tell you there is no way they
are not being contaminated by GMO's.
I live out in the country here in Nebraska(I do not farm). But I can't even grow corn because I know it will end up being GMO corn.
Monsanto is truly evil !!

As powerful as Monsanto is I would not be surprised if some here
posting are proponents for Monsanto and then some simply just don't understand the dangers and are just fueling the fire.