Comment: Kristol is a Neo Con through and through.

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Kristol is a Neo Con through and through.

Kristol is of Jewish heritage, holding dual passports to both counties, and makes no apologies for his elitist pro-Israeli views.

His father, Irving Kristol founded the Neo-Con movement. Bill Kristol, more aggressive than his father, started his career promoting the Democratic Party. He was basically kicked out, due to his aggessive proactive war agenda.

He conned his way into the Republican Party in the 1980's as a conservative. He has continued to undermined the true conservative side of the party ever since.

He openly promotes his Neo-Con pro-war views. He’s very clever with words, both in print and verbally. To put it mildly, he is master con artist to the sleeping sheep.

He was the driving wheel to oust the Pat Buchanan republicans from the party. At the time, Buchanan the more conservative side of the party and Presidential Candidate was touted by Kristol as being an extreme isolationist, who was promoting protectionism, and having anti-Israel views.

When Buchanan left the Party, he wrote; goodbye and good riddance. He’s been doing the same thing to Ron Paul, as he’s gained ground in popularity within the Republican Party.

If the Republican Party is to survive (which I doubt they will), its high time they take a serious look at the Kristol types who are seriously undermining the conservative side of the Party.

For ever it’s worth to the Kristol types, I think we're the ones who have already said; "Goodbye and Good Riddance"

The Winds of Change!