Comment: We are not guinea pigs

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We are not guinea pigs

We need to let the government and the chemical companies know that we are not going to be their guinea pigs any longer. We only buy organic and nothing that might even have a gmo in it. Of course, it wasnt always that way, Im sure we have had our share of the toxins. Most of the people I have talked to do not even know what GMO is, and by putting this on the label, maybe it will help to educate them and maybe that will help them use their voice to put a stop to this. The studies done on the cost of prop 37, have been done by the people against prop 37, mainly, MONSANTO, so please dont tell me you are going to believe them. For me, you cannot put a price tag on my families health, which is why we only buy organic. Please reconsider voting in favor of prop 37, for your health and the health of our futures, and to stand up to big business. If you need more info, please youtube it and if you do, know that you will find hardly anything in favor of gmo, the truth is out there, go find it.