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dex my friend

not sure if you know or have seen
but a lot here are just sick and tired
of being called traitors,trolls,bots
blood on our hands,work for evil
not a true supporter,but in fact work to
undermine the GJ campaign(by voting for RP)
me being one of them on the receiving end
of the constant dribble from LL
i can see the division caused by this person
even going so far as helping some leave here
and always there on others posts belittling and attacking them
personally for them voting their own conscience
and yet all the time telling others to stop breaking the rules
try this test,write a post about GJ,get some some if it likes it
get attacked if it doesn't(yeah been there,dome that)
several people have pointed him out as a hypocrite,me included,
and yet it falls on deaf ears(like a bot)
check out its comments to others here,it isn't pretty
breaks most of the rules here,and thinks nothing of it
that is until another does exactly what he does,and continues to do
on a daily basis
most here have more important things to do than sit and argue
or combat its lies,but this is what it has become
it doesn't like when another combats its lies,but is indifferent to its own,it is a liar,and has been called out on many threads
i for one am sick of it all,as is others

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence