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I can't believe

so many people here are defending Monsanto! First of all this isn't about the federal government having more power. This bill would actually FIGHT the federal government's intervention on behalf of gmo companies. This is a STATE law. Isn't Ron Paul always saying we need to leave these things up to the STATES? If this passes it will give consumers a way to make informed decisions on what they buy or don't buy. The companies that use gmo's will loose sales and be forced to comply with what the consumers want as opposed to what Monsanto wants us to have. This will really make it bad for the government to keep siding with the gmo companies without looking like the bought out rats that they are. Companies that package food will loose sales and tell Monsanto they won't buy anymore of their crap and in turn Monsanto will loose sales and have to change their thinking if they want to stay in business. Isn't that the way the TRUE FREE MARKET works?