Comment: It is wierd and telling.

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It is wierd and telling.

It's like they're trying to fictionalize what's happening as quickly as possible, to define and interject propaganda, while at the same time the MSM pretends they don't see or understand anything.

I make a point not to watch any of it.

It reminds me of something though. Remember a show called Deadwood? It was on HBO, western frontier stuff based on the real town, but eventually the script was so far off from historical fact that they felt obligated to shut it down (along with other reasons I'm sure).

They recognized that they were in essence rewriting history and showing people lies. They had some level of respect for the real Deadwood.

It reminds me of another show; "Network" (again HBO, ZioFascist Garbage) trying to fictionalize and rewrite history as if the media was anything other than a corporate mouthpiece screaming racist and teabagger.

I think it's about fictionalizing and rewriting history as quickly as they can, spurring people into non-action.