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Comment: staring into the abyss

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staring into the abyss

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You make an important point, in combination with how you arrived at it and how it feels. Voter fraud is simply a verifiable fact. And yet voter fraud is but one facet on a highly polished political stone; this system is fashioned to combine diffused energy and focus it to a single purpose. We may have to ask if something as important as individual liberty is properly protected through political means. That is, are we complicit with its demise by allowing this energy to be subverted.

People (seekers) continue to pursue knowledge and increase awareness of the current reality. On this web site, as BNB1.0 morphed to DP2.0, that awareness shifted largely from economics to ideology - and specifically the gulf between political myth and what we are. However, politics is but one port of entry to greater understanding - or confusion.

Trends are in motion that were put in place decades ago. Many voices sounded the alarms and Ron Paul was lone voice from the political realm. Many of us took notice, not least of which is yourself Michael. Ron-Paul equaled last-chance to confirm whether the American political machinery still worked, and further, if that machinery could be utilized to mitigate the effects of decades of bad policy.

From my perspective - seekers, particularly those arriving at increased awareness through the ideological doors of perception, often fail to grasp the advanced stage of western societies' economic situation in combination with the authoritarian structures already in place; accordingly, they believe they can vote and alter the destructive power of those combined forces. In essence, its a nod for government solutions and continued centralized control.

My continued theme is not that striving for liberty is pointless, but that fighting for liberty though the current political structures is not only an exercise in futility, it sustains and empowers bondage.

I'm still looking for solutions to this ancient problem, clues at the scene of the crime. The revolution that is required can not be accomplished by fighting the machine; the stronger, more violent the resistance, the stronger the machine grows. Lessons from Christ, Buddha, Gandhi et al are instructive. My observations direct me toward spontaneous decentralization – independence must manifest and saturate daily routine.

With each troubled step, America ignores Wolf's warning. Liberty's light wanes and the song remains the same; she's buying the stairway to hell.