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Comment: RaulPon >."corrosion" in time

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RaulPon >."corrosion" in time

>."corrosion" in time (with the contacts) comes to mind.

All switching is done electrically in the control units inside the car. There are no external switches, contacts, commutators, or brushes only direct wiring connections to the coils on the stator.

There would still be exposure of the wires and coils to the environmental hazards you mentioned.

This can be taken care of by encapsulation of the coils in epoxy or other plastic.

Look up BLDC motors Brush Less Direct Current motors.

Also the external parts can be operated in momentary/short term contact with water, as long as the insulation does not break down, due to long term heat exposure or vibration.

This system can easily be designed for an IP67 protection rating, Dust proof and shallow < 1 meter short term immersion in water.