Comment: C'est la vie

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C'est la vie

I don't give second thought to leaving Their Party. Their Leaders are inept and can only imagine Centralized Planning as the Solution to any problem, especially the ones they caused.

Centralized Planning is what got us into this mess. The Dems feel compelled to Centrally Plan us in some ways, and the Repubs feel compelled to Centrally Plan in other ways. Many times they achieve 'Bipartisanship' and both agree on the way to Centrally Plan us. I shudder every time I hear the word used.

You cannot use what got us into the mess to get us out.

They marginalized 'us' to get away from having to face us. Ad hominem and marginalizing are favorite tools of those who don't know what they're talking about. They are Keynesians. Dr. Paul was asked sometime ago in an interview if he felt like he was running against Obama or the Republican Primary candidates. He responded that he felt like he was running against Keynes because all of them are Keynesians. Central Planning, Keynesian, Marx, Bush, or Obama is the issue and will remain no matter which Keynesian (Romney too) wins.

In any event, no need to harp. I'm making my future in the Libertarian Party. If you all can change the Repubs, I'm sure we'll have much to work on together.