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I vehemently disagree with Lawrence O'Donnel on many issues but big respect for actually doing the interview. He even had the awareness enough to tell his handler to stop trying to block the interview because it was already being taped. That just doing the interview and not running away would actually do less harm. Right he was. Also to his credit he was surprisingly candid too. He admitted he was ignorant on areas such as the NDAA and the anti journalist/whistleblower espionage act, that those areas fall outside his expertise and that he didnt feel qualified to speak on that. Fair enough. He thanked Luke and others like Glen Greenwald for actually paying attention to those things and acknowledged that there should be a greater public awareness and outcry about things. Whether he actually meant that or not who knows, it was still a very courteous and polite thing for him to say so good on him for at least being respectful and accommodating and not scoffing, laughing, ridiculing or fleeing the interview like so many other politicians and talking heads.

I believe both Luke and Lawrence were very gracious, fair and real.Great job! Good interview.